Discovering their unique space in an 18th Century English Country House

Pool-dek® by Stage Systems was a perfect choice, offering an ideal solution to meet all of the client’s requirements.

A private house in Oxfordshire

Pool-dek for an elegant event

We were approached by the owner of this amazing property, set in the heart of the Evenlode Valley, as the client was planning to throw a party for his daughter’s 21st Birthday.  The brief was to utilise the existing pool complex as a party area.  However, this would require a strong, safe and aesthetically pleasing floor covering over the swimming pool for his guests to walk, dine, dance and mingle on whilst fully protecting the pool!

Pool-dek® by Stage Systems was a perfect choice, offering an ideal solution which met all of the client’s requirements.

What we did

The process started with an initial visit to survey the indoor heated swimming pool complex, meet the client and discuss their requirements.  The meeting was used to view the range of floor finishes and offer samples of the materials available to ensure that the interior design element could be met.  They chose a beautifully finished birch timber floor covering over the pool.

The nature of Pool-dek® is to provide a temporary floor over the swimming pool’s surface in order to transform a unique space into an event area in less than a day.  After the event, the flooring can be dismantled and stored neatly away on wheeled trolleys, returning the pool to its original state, without any damage.

Pool-dek® is initially installed by the Stage Systems professional team, which follows with a demonstration and training given to the client.  This is essential for future installations.  The beauty of Pool-dek® is that it requires no tools, therefore, setting up for future events can be achieved in very little time.

Pool-dek® complimented the beautifully presented property, which was built in the mid to late 18th century and transformed their pool space into an amazing event area ready for a stylish and elegant party. The exposed timbers in the roof space above the pool looked fabulous with the flooring and fit perfectly for the unique event space.

A fabulous way to throw a unique and private party!