Hard Floor Swimming Pool Covers & Pool Cover Hire

Pool-dek is a pool covering designed to convert a swimming pool into a functional event space


Transform your space and maximise your ROI

Pool-dek is a pool covering system designed to convert a swimming pool room, or outdoor pool area and transform it into a functional event space without the need to drain the pool. Please see our case studies where you can read about our fantastic installations.

Covered pool

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Covered pool

Elegant and stylish hard floor swimming pool covering system

No need to drain the pool
Average install time 2-4 hours
Compact storage trolleys fit through a single doorway
Initial site survey and installation included*
Supplied and installed worldwide*
*Site survey and installation is included in the UK only. Worldwide site survey and installation is available please contact us for a quote.

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Discover our unique approach

Covered pool

Expert approach

The Pool-dek system is designed using a metal framework and engineered timber panels. Detailed technical drawings are produced, working to meet your specification to ensure a stress free installation.


Dedicated Project Manager

Our service includes a dedicated Project Manager who will work with you, your Architect, Contractor, Events Company, Interior Designer or Project Manager to ensure the system is installed to your deadline.

1 day installation

Once assembled, there are no moving parts and no maintenance is required. The system can be used in both fresh water and salt water pools.


Discover your unique space

Pool-dek is an ideal solution to create a unique experience for a party, wedding, corporate or hospitality event. Pool-dek is easy to install, dismantle and store, used in private homes and commercial premises for over 20 years.


We first approached Pool-dek (supplied by Stage Systems) for a unique opportunity at the summit of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, one of the world’s most exclusive residential developments.

The ambition was to achieve a flexible landscape, to entertain large groups of family and friends, as well as enjoying the more intimate environment of the swimming pool. We developed a design which incorporated a hard floor pool cover to match the adjacent natural paving, and to celebrate the unique waterfront views towards Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

The Pool-dek team remained in communication throughout the project and provided great design, technical support, delivery and installation.

Mark Blackwell CMLI FRSA Creative Director | Chartered Landscape Architect at Morphis Design

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  • Proven ROI on your Pool-dek
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Dedicated project manager